Tuesday, May 5, 2009

" Mom."...I wouldn't be one without you!

Dear Holcombe kids.... I sit in amazement that you are all part of me. I sometimes wonder what God was thinking when He chose to place you in my life. You have taught me more about life...than life itself. I would have never been where I am at this very moment had it not been for you 9 precious blessings. You have changed me forever...for the better. You have shown me what the important things in life are all about. You have given me more joy in 24 years than I have known in my 43 of being alive. I can't wait to see what God has planned for you and for our family in the next 24 years. My prayer is that you would choose to follow Him with all that you are and all that you ever hope to be. Watching you serve Jesus brings more joy to my soul than I could ever explain. I love how you share with me about moments of sharing Jesus with others. I never tire of hearing about those times that will forever change eternity.
Holcombe kids I love you more than I will ever be able to show or tell you! Have we had hard times? You betcha! It's those hard times that mold us all into the servant that God wants us to be. Our grass is definitely not greener... but keeping our eyes on Jesus gives us the grass that you just want to run barefoot in on any given day. I often hear kids don't come with a manual...God gave us His word and that's the very best manual I would ever want to read. I know I don't always parent the way I should and I'm positive I will make many more mistakes. Maybe by the time we have grandchildren we will have it all figured out!
I hope that the legacy your Dad and I leave will last throughout many generations long after we are gone. My prayer is that you will choose to follow Christ all the days of your life and leave a legacy of God's merciful love to the generations that follow you.
I love you Holcombe kids! You are exactly what God said... a blessing! You have been worth every prayer...sacrifice...ounce of energy...tear...dollar...patience...time...and all my sanity!


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