Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Busy Summer!!!!!

I think I need a vacation from our vacation home...I'm not joking! We spent Father's Day weekend at the Lake House as our first official weekend in the "finished house".Is it really ever finished? We have been working inside and out to make this house a place to retreat. Ever since Father's Day Kelley has... screened in the porch...hung window blinds... put in two water filters... layed down walkway tiles...hung towel racks... climbed a tree to put the hangers in for the swings... climbed onto the roof to trim the trees...installed a repeater in hopes we could get a cell phone signal.The repeater doesn't do much in strengthening the signal! We have had Emily's 21st Bday and Evelyn's 70th Bday parties there. All in all this has been a very busy summer with no time to really relax...and the summer isn't over! I am not has been a great summer so far! The best part has been working along side my hubby doing all the projects on the house. Our next plan is to build a water slide that runs into the lake.I see it in my to just make it work on land. I guess we will always have projects to do to make this a more fun place to be.

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Kristen said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Yall have certainly been busy! But it looks like everyone really enjoys it. :)