Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spinning wheels going no where...


Clifford ( Our big red van) has been rescued from the mud pit that I so foolishly got him into. I think a warm bath and some TLC is in order for me our dear old friend. After many hours, blood, sweat and tears I drove him to the safety of the PAVED driveway. Our lower unpaved driveway now looks like a war zone...but hey, I am a one step closer to planting my garden! Now I'm off to make my self look like a woman again and to see what else I can tear up fix!

Yesterday...all I can say is "I am so glad it's over!" However each day is a gift from the Lord and I should rejoice in it's entirety.

Our 3 year old daughter seems to find her way in our bed most nights. By now our older kids would not have been doing this, except on an occasion...after a bad dream or not feeling well. She is not the most pleasant person to sleep with. No matter how much I move away from her she seems to find me with her feet or head. I am a light sleeper and any movement or noise usually wakes me.I guess waking up with back ache is not the way to start a day.

Monday started out with that back ache and a wet bed. Oh the joy of a leaky pull up!
I am trying so very hard to cherish these moments with our last child...even the not so fun moments.

Our next adventure began with our trip down to the basement and getting the girls started on school. Our oldest moved back home this past weekend and everything from the playroom is now in the school room. So, in my desire to have an inch to move in our school room, I decide to load up the van with the things I need to get rid of.

The day before we had a lot of rain and that means a soggy lawn. This is where the fatigue kicked in and my brain left the building! I got the bright idea to drive our 15 passenger van...not a small or light vehicle...around to the basement door. No one should ever drive a large vehicle on their lawn after an all day rain the day before! You guessed it ...I managed to get stuck! These things always happen when my hubby is out of town. Here I am home alone with three of our kids and I get stuck in the mud! For HOURS I try everything I can to just get it to move.To no avail I just dig a deeper hole under the tires. Our son returns home to find me spinning tires and covered in mud. At that point I'm tired, angry and in tears! Bless his heart he didn't say a word and tried to help. After a while he managed to get the van out and about 50 feet only to get stuck again. Did I say I'm tired of the rain and our soggy lawn? Georgia has been in a drought for a few years and this past year we have made up for the loss and then some.

Well today is a new day and our van is still stuck! God is still God and He is still on the throne! So many times we face trials living our daily lives. Some big and some small. It's during these times when I finally focus on the Lord and listen...that I realise that He was there with me all along and I never was alone. I get so caught up in the moment that I fail to stop and really focus on what God is trying to say to me. Maybe the reason I just spin my tires going no where is that God is trying to get me to just be still and listen. Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your tires and making no progress? Maybe it's time to stop and listen. Get still and quiet before the Lord and allow Him to work a good work in you! Maybe the reason we never hear Him is because we are always talking...and spinning our wheels!

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