Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cousin fun on a cold wet day...

Half price day at a local children's hands on museum http://www.inkfun.org/
What a great day to spend with your cousins!

My sister and I took advantage of homeschool day at INK today. While the kids had fun...we had a few laughs at how the staff tried to cleanup and organize some of the play stations as the kids tried to play. One lady took a toy from my nephew to put in a place where she wanted it. I thought this was a interactive play museum! All the kids enjoyed pretending to grocery shop,run a pizza shop,beauty shop,working an atm and many other interactive life stations. It was really fun watching our children pretending to do various grown up jobs!

Now to find another kid friendly activity to do with our kids as we wait out this cold and wet winter...which may be another 6 weeks according to our favorite ground hog up north!

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