Monday, March 22, 2010

Cornered...the body of Christ

This Sunday I was cornered twice by someone whom I've known for many years. I have always taken the time to listen...even if it turned into a long conversation. I guess God made me the ears in the body of Christ.

The body of Christ is made of many believers with many different roles in the Christian community. Some are the hands, some are the feet, some eyes and some ears. We each have a different gift that God has given us. God calls us to do many things, each with a different responsibility because of our gifts. All working together towards the same goal.

Back to this conversation...As this person was somewhat venting about this health care bill and all that it entails...I just stood there listening...being the ears. This person had spent many hours calling as many congressmen and senators as they possibly could ,sharing with them their knowledge of our constitution and how this bill was breaking all the rules so to speak. I'm not sure exactly what I couldn't have been much because I'm not a woman of many words. However, this person became very angry with me my face...saying I would have to answer to God...He would hold me accountable for not standing up and doing my part in making phone calls just as they had done. All I could think of is ...I have to lock myself in the bathroom and go in the closet in that bathroom just to have a short conversation on our phone. I have 9 where is it quiet enough to have an adult conversation or even hear...much more spend hours calling my congressmen! It's not that I wouldn''s just not possible in my life right now...I do have a very active 3 year old! I know God can use me in other ways other than making phone calls!

I say all this because many times I have been guilty for thinking...Why is it always the same group of people I see that are always serving..nursery,youth,worship team etc.? What I don't see are the ones that are praying for these certain ministries, maybe the family that is bringing a neighbor to church so they can learn more about God's love...the ones that are serving in the background where no one knows or sees how important their role in the body of Christ is. How about the ones we see and think...They never do anything!? Yes, the ones we see serving are important...but the ones we don't see doing their part, are just as needed. We all can't be the ears...or mouth!

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Kristen said...

Thanks for this! You are so right! Everyone has different talents and strengths, but the Bible says every member of the body of Christ is important!