Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's gone......

You became my grandmother the day my mom said "I do!" You embraced us as though we were your grandchildren. Although you only had 1 child...you left this world with 7 grandchildren and 23 great grandkids...1 great great and 1 great great on the way.  Grun we will miss you...and your key lime pies!

This week will be filled with many emotions. As we are finishing up wedding plans...we are also planning a funeral. I really hate this...I feel so torn! As we celebrate the marriage of our daughter this week... we will also be celebrating the life of a very special lady.  We live and we die....blessed be the name of the Lord! Our days are numbered...Only our maker knows how many. Although the next few days will be bittersweet...I know I serve a God who is filled with compassion and will supply all that I need this week.

Choosing to live each day as though it were your last! All those little things that would normally bother you...they suddenly become insignificant. Lord help me to live each day to the fullest...never wasting a moment to love and be loved...living my life with NO regrets!

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Kristen said...

I am sorry to hear this, I know she must have been a very special lady. My heart is with you this week!