Monday, September 20, 2010

7 daughters…What was God thinking?!

A daughter…something most women long to have. Me…I have seven! Seven sisters range in age from 22 to 3 ½. The oldest just married this past May. The youngest is just trying to figure out where she fits in the mix. Usually right in the middle of it all! God has such a good sense of humor!

Where do I start…

There’s clothes, makeup, boys, hair, and the ever dreaded hormones x 7! Make that own! Me…I wear the hats of many professions. I often look in the mirror to see which hat I have on at the moment . I would hate to be in comedian mode when our girls are upset and need a counselor. Our poor boys…my poor husband! They just shake their heads and run when all the hormones start flying. We are blessed to have three great men in our lives. They have learned to live with all eight of us and rarely complain…that is an accomplishment! Our sons will make great husbands one day. I just pray for the women that they bring into the mix…that’s a lot of sisters to win over in order to marry the man of their dreams!

I grew up in a house with two younger sisters. I thought I knew a thing or two about raising girls. After all…I was one! I have come to realize in today’s society… raising our children the way we were raised is near impossible! Teaching our daughters to become wives and mothers has become a lost art. A very difficult thing to teach during the teen years.

One thing that helps me a lot is looking at the teen years as an illness…and it is! Just think…they have so many changes going on inside. They don’t even know how to understand…much less control the craziness. Sometimes they just need a listening ear…but not all of them at the same time! Those times are when I want to run for the hills…or pull the covers over my head!

Our children have so many more things to contend with these days.
There’s the media…music, movies and TV. There’s electronics…my grandmother would be amazed at these gadgets called cell phones! You know?…those things that never leave our kids hands! So many things pulling and fighting for our kids attention. How I long for the simpler of days!
I know each generation has it’s own problems. But this one has me really worried. Our kids are getting lost in the shuffle...even in our churches! Many teens leave the church right out of high school and never return to their faith. Today’s churches are so busy entertaining the kids and not teaching or connecting with them. When it’s time to be an adult and leave the nest so to speak…they feel lost and disconnected. Why stay and fellowship with the adults when the adults have never taken the time to get to know these young people or even listen to what they have to say? These kids are our future church. Just think what the church will look like in 10 years if all our kids are walking away from the faith.

I recently sat with a couple of teens fresh out of high school. Again at an age where they are too old for youth group and feeling too young for our college and career group. Stuck in the middle… middle child syndrome. It was sad to hear their comments. They were lost in where to fit in. They want to be used…not put in a box! Kids are going to go where they feel needed and wanted. Teaching them to step up and communicate their desires is so difficult. Sometimes we are so busy taking care of others outside our homes…that we are failing to see the needs of those under our very own roofs. We as adults will get out exactly what we invest in our kids. That stays true to anything or other relationships in our lives. My mom use to tell me…“In order to have friends you first have to be a friend.” That concept can be used in investing of yourself in any relationship. I will say…It’s not my job to be my kid’s “friend”…they need me to be a parent! When a parent tries to step into the friend mode they lose the very special connection they have with their kids.

Parents are so busy trying to make ends meet…they are failing to really listen to the hearts of their kids. Kids are raising themselves and each other. When is the last time you sat down with a young person and just listened? When is the last time you had more than a five minute conversation with your teenager? I am so guilty of not paying attention to our youth…helping them to see their value in our homes and churches. We all want to feel valued. Sometimes you just have to step out of that box( comfort zone) and ask God to place you where He wants you…which is the very best place to be.

Our kids are the next generation of leaders…scary ? To think of them in those terms…we better wake up! Our daughters are the next generation’s mothers…and our sons fathers or leaders of this world. Parenting is tough…but that’s not an excuse!

One of those teens I had a conversation with…my very own daughter. Yes…even I miss the mark in connecting with my kids. Do I have all the right answers…NO! But I know someone who does! Although it is ultimately their choice to follow Jesus…I pray I never have to see them fall from His grace.

Connecting with our youth starts with time and a good listening ear. It’s time to slow down…It’s time to listen! We have to get off the sidelines and get into the game! It’s time to let our kids know they matter in this world…that they have a purpose! One day they may be the ones taking care of us!

I challenge you to get to know the youth in your communities and churches. Yes…they may seem weird in dress and actions. But actually they are very smart and kind of neat. They might even teach you a thing or two. Just remember what you see on the outside that might annoy you….there is something so much different on the inside that would amaze you! It’s all about relationship! If you want to help our youth of today…start by giving them your time and ear!

I recently found an article ...Why students abandon their faith  Lessons from William Wilberforce

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Jen said...

You are so right -- I have 2 daughters and I know that the road is going to be hard. I must daily pray that God would contend for their hearts and that they will grow to continue to love and serve Him. I really can't imagine 7!!

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