Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Dreaming...of a white Christmas in Georgia?

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Yes blog fans... Georgia had a white Christmas this year! The last time I remember a semi white Christmas was December 1993... and flurries were all we had. That Christmas we brought a sweet little baby into the world and surprised the whole Holcombe clan with her unexpected early arrival.  The last time a recorded snow fall was in the 1800's...I don't remember this one! Needless to say our dreams have come true!

 It started snowing yesterday and we awoke this morning to this beautiful landscape of winter white! With all the gifts this year the snow probably has been the most unexpected gift. The white as a reminder of God's ability to wash us clean when we except His gift of eternal life. 

Christmas can be a mind boggling thing for a mom of many. Gift buying and extra meal preparing while juggling all that goes along with raising a large family.These extras can take me away from the most precious moments I could experience...time just sitting with my kids and listening to their hearts. Time of just laughing and reminiscing about their childhood memories and knowing it's because of all this that I do what I do. Time to be still and quiet and take in the beauty of the moment. Like sitting alone at night gazing at the Christmas lights and reminiscing of Christmas past of my own.The smells of the fresh cut trees that take me back to my childhood home and the feel of the heat from the wood stove. Missing my own siblings who live far away...wishing I could reminisce with them. Christmas is for remembering and making new memories!

As my children presented me with their gifts...

I thought of how special each and every gift was.
Each hand written note...each homemade gift...each dime earned to show me how much I meant to them. Each one I will treasure!

I know in my heart my father in heaven took as much time and effort to give me a special gift so very long ago...Jesus! It was me whom He had in whom He loved! 

As this year ends and a new one begins I pray you know how special you are to the father in heaven. How much He loves you and that the gift was a group we can share and reminisce together with. One that we can treasure forever!

Merry Christmas....

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