Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Released to be a normal kid...with 911 on speed dial!

Three weeks ago our little caboose was put on limited activity due to head injuries from a fall...mind you she's four! This has been the loooooooooongest three weeks of her little life. Sitting in the doctors office Monday afternoon listening to him say she can go back to normal activity was music to my ears. She was listening so intently as her first words were...I can climb trees now! As her doctor chuckled...With your mom's permission! Her other request was running with her best friend Elena. Maybe I shouldn't have let her know about the "Back to Normal" activity?!

Upon arriving at home she couldn't wait to run,jump,play and climb trees. Yes...I have 911 programmed into my phone! Although I may be a little nervous watching her return to normal activity...seeing her happy and have fun brings joy to my heart!

Today...I am counting my blessings!

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