Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What was I thinking?

Kilz....the glorious liquid that covers any markings or mistakes on paintable services. Today the 2 gallon bucket was my best friend. The kind that sticks close and is hard to shake off...literally. I have scrubbed my skin with one of those green scrub pads that was meant for pots and pans or dirty sinks...no dead skin cells here! To bad it won't cover my imperfections! Now our daughter"s room is ready for Paris paint. The pretty pink paint to turn their room into a little piece of Paris.

About five years ago our older two girls occupied this huge room. In an effort to allow them to express their artistic side I helped them to paint the room a bright orange and hot pink for a beach themed room. Did I tell you this room was HUGE? Twice the size of a normal bedroom. What was I thinking?! As I painted kilz on the walls today, I made myself a promise...NO more orange walls...Ever! We never did complete the idea of the beach themed room. It was really a cute idea...in my head!  I guess a mom of many who is juggling way too much needs to be banned from even beginning those cute ideas. Where is Ty Pennington when I you need him?!


As I covered these walls to begin our Paris adventure all I could do was bid these walls au revoir!

Tomorrow a new adventure begins. A new room for three little girls who dream of Paris...minus the orange!

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