Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mom...Why do we have storms?

Driving back home from a few errands this afternoon I was asked by our 4 year old....Mom why do we have storms? Just as quickly as she asked, I responded...So things will grow! OK Lord. Out of the mouths of babes. He speaks so loudly! I have had my share of storms and no matter how large or small... they are never fun! But if that is what it takes to grow....Bring on the storms!

Today I promised her we would try and go to the park after our errands. As we made our way back towards the park the thunder rolled in and I had to cancel our plans. Her little heart had been set on playing at the park! My heart broke as I had to mess up her was for her own safety. Next time the sun will shine and that sweet baby girl will swing on the swings.

Sometimes our heart's desires are canceled or delayed by the storms. It's those storms that give us what we need to grow. Don't you just love to be squeezed?! Maybe even those storms are for our own good?! One day the storm will pass and the sun Son will shine!

 Below is a link to a beautiful song written by an artist who knows the storm so well.

Laura Story...Blessings

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