Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urgent prayer for our friends....

Update from their daughter.....Update on my Dad: Please be praying for an upcoming surgery on either Monday or Tuesday. They will be doing a skin graft on his face, and reconstructive surgery on his eye lids and tear ducts. They have to wait for the swelling to go down, but the ultra sounds revealed that the eye ball is intact and okay. They will know more once they can open it.
Thank you for all the prayers♥

I have just received a message on Facebook. One of our friends was badly burned from a low voltage wire this afternoon. Please join us in praying for Scott and his family. Here is the FB message...

Dear Friends, I am posting for Teresa...Please pray for Scott as he had a accident while working today with a low-voltage wire. Scott's face is badly burned and they don't yet know the extent of damage to one of his eyes. He will require surgery most likely this weekend at Grady. Teresa is asking for urgent prayer. They are SO thankful that Lord protected him and spared his life. Thanks for praying.

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