Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here it is.......

Finally time with my man! I'm not complaining, but he travels so much I feel like we have been living in two different worlds for the past several months. I am very thankful for his great job! He has worked very hard to get where he is today while raising a very large family. Then throw the kids summer activities in there and all we have become is part time roommates. Wives....make time for your husbands! Even if it's for just a few minutes!

So in 3 days I will fly with my hubby for a week of  resting on a deserted island him in daily meetings and me sitting by the pool. We will have evenings for some much needed time together!

Five whole days of no driving.....sleeping ....resting .....I might actually feel like a human for the first time in my life again!

Yes....just me and my man! Can you tell I have needed some time away with him?!

I am so looking forward to celebrating 27 years of being loved by one of the greatest gifts I have ever received!

Pulling this getaway off is no small endeavor. Making sure everyone is taken care of...packing the younger 3 for grandma's house. A wedding and a soccer tournament several hours away. All this in two days! My plate is full and overflowing!  Is it Monday yet?!

Then there is the battle of the mom mind... the guilt! I know the enemy is at work trying to distract me from investing in my marriage. Keeping me from my much needed time away. I will NOT be defeated! I will miss my kiddos...they are my life! But having one on one time with the man I have lived with for 27 years ....without interruptions....priceless!

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