Thursday, November 3, 2011

The rest of the story....the old quilt

As I walked into the hidden basement sale my eyes met a small stack of fabric. I got the shakes! I guess I have a slight addiction to fabric! A sweet elderly woman and her daughter greeted us as this 73 year old lady asked "Oh do you sew?" With a smile on my face I said "Just a little." Next to the fabric lay 2 old handmade quilts. As I picked them up we got into a conversation about quilting and which of these old quilts she liked best. I love old things!  She had a price tag of $15 on each of these quilts but told me  I could have them for $10. Yes... $10! My heart did a little pitter patter. I didn't want to act too excited!  I stacked the fabric and this beautiful old quilt... I then wanted to run quickly before she changed her mind. Yard sales are suppose to be a place where you find "Good Deals" but all we had seen up to this point was way over priced junk! I felt like I hit the jackpot!
As we listened to this woman share about some of her old things, I couldn't help but think of what a history she has. Her love for sewing and quilting was coming to an end. She was willing to let go of her prize possessions as they made their way to loving homes. I guess we had a connection with our love for sewing. I chose a few other things...a couple of her newer small quilt pieces. I really should have bought more.  I quickly paid and ran walked to the car. I really couldn't believe she let me leave her basement with these beautiful old things!
Walking back to the car I told my husband I didn't understand why she had such low prices on her things. I knew how much time she had invested in her treasures. His response was priceless...."She knows her time is short. She would rather she her things go to someone who would appreciate them. She had no need to hang onto them." When you know your time is short....earthly treasures seem less important. I know God says He will make all things new one day and to not store up earthly treasures...but I really love old things, old people.  Why do I store up old things? Maybe because the old understand life and what is really important.  They realize true value in giving, letting go and you can't put a price tag on that !

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