Saturday, January 21, 2012

Help me! I'm being sucked into the sea of Pinterest!

I remember when my years of homemaking began and just thinking of the simplicity of it all sets my mind at ease. Of course at the age of 18 how did I even know what all homemaking entailed? I remember someone asking me what style I liked....Country, contemporary,eclectic etc.?  Is smorgasbord a decorator style? I was so young...very young...and newly married, decorating was the last thing on my mind! Little by little I began to discover what styles interested me and my list along with torn out dreams from magazine pages began to fill a little corner of our home. That 1 ziplock bag of recipes suddenly became 5! If I only had 1 place to keep them. Too bad we didn't have the internet way back then!

Have you ever seen something you liked and thought...."I'd like to have that" or "I could make that" ? Only minutes later forget about it or forgot where you saw it.  For years I have said I should take my camera with me everywhere and photograph things that I really like...My camera if full right along with my computer! Then there is the good ole favorites list! Yes, I am the one who painstakingly clicks on each item I had saved looking for that one thing I know was on that very long list!

Then My daughter introduced me to Pinterest !  It's like an online picture book! This is the most ingenious website out there! Why didn't I think of something like this?  The only problem now....I get sucked into this sea of  dreams and ideas! And they are all in ONE place! How cool is that?!  No more corner filled magazine pages in our house. No more out of order favorites list...a much shorter list!

I love that I can share my dreams with this sea of Pinterest friends! I have seen more cute ideas than I will possibly be able to complete in a lifetime...but I continue to pin away!  There are so many great recipes not get on Pinterest late at night! Every time I do my taste buds start salivating and then the hunger pains. It's like being pregnant....I am NOT though!

I use to say I would love to have my house look like it was from out of a certain magazine. Now the question is when someone walks in my house...Have you been on Pinterest?!  

Pinterest....the woman's new Facebook! If you would like to join in on all the fun, message me if you want an invite!

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