Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eau De Smoke....If you give a mom a wake up call

If you wake a mom at 3 am....she'll remember she forgot to turn the heat on
She'll get up to turn it on ....only to remember the flue is open
She'll then feel to make sure the fire from the night before is out....and she'll slide the flue shut
She'll then remember she's cold and go back to bed
An hour later she'll awake to smoke...only to remember she shut the flue
She'll probably get up to go open it again....and she'll see a room full of smoke
She'll then see the small piece of wood still burning...wishing she had turned the light on before she had closed the flue
She'll then spend the next half hour opening doors to let the smoke out...then she'll remember her family is asleep.
While waiting for the smoke to clear...she'll remember how warm her bed is
When the smoke clears she'll go back to bed....she'll probably lay there wide awake thanking God He woke her up.
She'll then remember she needs to replace the smoke detector batteries....she'll thank God even more!

Last night was no pancake . Our house now smells like eau de campfire. My throat burns. All but three of us slept through the middle of the night airing out of the house. One of us has been awake since 3:00 am. I'm not sure my hazelnut candles will overpower this smell...nor will my hazelnut coffee keep me awake today. But..................

If you awake a mom this early....she'll probably make pancakes for her family!

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