Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bittersweet moments and a few tears....

Making memories and sharing joy as we anticipate future milestones. A lifetime of bittersweet moments that flash before our eyes, leaving behind tears of joy and pain as we make our way to the next moment in time.

 My oh my what a week this has been! It can be said with all sincerity that our family NEVER has a dull moment! This week proved to make that statement true without a shadow of a doubt!

The month of April reared it's ugly beautiful head and kept me on my toes! Many milestones and long awaited reunions. Bittersweet goodbyes with tears of unknown futures. I am a mama whose heart has been captured by a love that makes my days full and my nights long! I am blessed!

April 25 was met with anticipation of a big hug from that boy of mine! To see his beautiful smile step off that plane made my heart do more leaps than the day he was born. After all it has been six months since he left American soil! Here he is meeting his niece for the first time!

The whole reason he came home was to see his mama for his brother's wedding and his childhood friend's wedding. Two weddings. Two back to back weekends. His first two days...along with jet lag... final wedding preps. My oh my! Why do I wait until the last minute to complete projects? Wedding rehearsal dinner, Finishing Mackenzie's flower girl dress, hemming my dress, altering a groomsmen vest and then of course everyone still has to eat,go to school and live a normal everyday life! The rehearsal dinner was beautiful thanks to our daughters and our friend's daughter in-law. The morning of the wedding I had one thing to finish....hemming my dress! Then off to the nail I thought! Not! While making my way to my sewing room the odor was not met with a happy heart! Yes, the day of all days to lay more on my plate or bathroom floor that is. You guessed it! The septic tank decided to back itself right into our basement  bathroom. I had just had it pumped out several weeks ago. This wasn't suppose to happen! House full of people in need of  showers. Mom in need of finishing her dress. Instead...I'm cleaning wasn't pretty people! Arms full of beach towels and the mess had to wait. This mom had a wedding to get to! Somehow by God's grace we arrived on time. Nails were painted in the car and hair was pulled up at the venue. Not what I had planned but my boy was getting married ! I am so proud of the young man he has become! To listen to the words he wrote for his bride, made the days of preparing all the more worth it! God is so good!

And a beautiful wedding it was!

With the wedding done we were on to the next thing....told ya we never have a dull moment! My parents have tried and talked about selling their house for years. A few months ago they bit the bullet as they placed a sign in the yard.Well wouldn't you know this same week a contract and an early May closing date would be set. That's great, except they have lived in this house for over 30 years! So thankful they have been purging the house for the last several months in anticipation of this transition. But much was still to be done. They were exhausted! She has been a good ole girl! I have seen her transform over the years with many remodel projects. It's at this house I fell in love with my husband....he was doing a house remodel project for my parents!  I remember the first time going to see her. The family we purchased her from had boys and the kitchen smelled of spaghetti ! I remember how excited my sisters and I were that we would finally have our own bedrooms! How this would be our first home after the death of our dad just a year prior. New beginnings and new memories would be made. Oh the memories we have made! A new dad and new siblings. Good times and some really bad ones. We made this special house our home...this home became part of our family. With exhausted parents, I took over making sure the last bit of things were out and this shell of a home was clean and ready for the next family to make memories. I must say we did a pretty good job too! I hope they love it there as much as we do! As much as we did! See ya old gal!

With all that has gone on this past week.... the days flew bye! Last night after our friend's son's beautiful wedding I realized it was time for that boy of mine to leave. Sometimes reality slaps you in the face. So this morning at 5am I was awakened to "Mom I'm leaving!" I think it's time for me to's been a very full blessed week!

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