Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My world....

As our family grows...my heart grows. Had you told me 29 years ago that the journey I was about to embark on would include 9 children, I'm not sure if I would have even understood or believed you. But here I am...here we are.

Loving him for over 29 years has been my world! For better or worse...richer or poorer! In sickness and in health! We've done it all! Still I choose to love! I want to love! Why? Because of the covenant I made with Kelley and with God. Raising our family of 11 doesn't leave much time...or energy, for just us. In fact alone time is a very rare occurrence. As our children are now beginning to leave the nest, I'm starting to feel the butterflies of change happening in our home. My eyes are gazing forward at the journey ahead as we celebrate the 29 years that we have traveled. What an honor it is to be loved so deeply by the one who holds my hand!

Then there is this.....

 A couple of months ago this very special young man became a husband to a very special young lady. My heart is full of the joy he has brought to my life...but don't let that sweet smile fool you! He is always up to something and that grin gives him away every time! And he thought I had eyes behind my head! Shhh...don't tell him! This next December he will officially become a teacher too! Those kids are going to be so blessed by this young man! I hope he just rocks their worlds!

      Our Family...my world!

My two boys men! Oh my how I miss those little men who use to wrestle on the floor of our home. Seeing this makes all those tough days worth all the energy that they consumed. So proud to call each of them son!

This past year has been one of walking an unknown road of faith. Sending our oldest off to a country that is not his own. Experiencing things he had only read and dreamed of. Today he digs and studies in a land that holds the history of the maker of my heart! Of his heart! Oh how I miss him so!

And now what you see is a great answer to this mama's prayer.

I love these two! What a joy it has been watching their journey begin. Hopefully this time next year we will all celebrate as they too gaze ahead at the journey before them.

and just because she is just so darn cute.....

               This my friends....is my world
                Loving them and loving Jesus!

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