Monday, February 17, 2014

My Father...He did it again

Be careful what you pray.
Out of my desire to know His heart and know Him completely I asked....

When you ask God to take you deeper... He will.
He will reach into those deepest places of your heart and pull out all the dark rotted matter that rest upon your soul.
He will take you on a journey like no-other.
He will take you to a place that leads straight to His heart...the pure one.
He will mold and fill those empty spaces that keep you from fully knowing Him...knowing Him completely.
He...your Father will show you an unconditional love that no man(human) can ever show.

Yes my very own heart surgeon has done it again. He dug deep and pulled me close to His heart. He reached in and took another piece that I have been hanging on too. Tearing away that dark rotted matter. The things that keep Him from fully having my heart. The things that steal the joy. The peace. The freedom.

Freedom in knowing Him completely.

There is nothing more beautiful than the moment when my Father pulls me close to His heart and says rest. Stay a while. I've got this. Trust me. Lay it at my feet.

and leave it here.

The real beauty of laying it down and finally finding the rest in knowing Him.

 .....and all I did was ask Him to take me deeper!

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