Thursday, June 4, 2015

In His time....

Our first born. That cute tree hugging kid of mine is leaving the nest! Flying on a jet plane onto his next adventure!

They tell you...Choose a major. Choose something you like to do. You can be anything you want to be! At least that was how it use to be! I wish that dream was still true!

I never had a chance to go to college. I guess that's why I push my children to pursue a degree in something. Anything. When they do, I become their biggest cheerleader! Even making them attend their college graduation, all the while they had no desire to do so. of my kids actually didn't want to walk for one of the most desired schools here in Georgia. He did it anyway, just for me!

Degree earned and the waiting game began. Waiting for that hard earned degree to payoff. We waited. Months turned into years. Maybe you should get your Masters degree in that field they say?! So off he went. Overseas for a year. Degree earned. We wait. Thinking a degree digging in the dirt would lead to that treasured job,We prayed and waited on the Lord to answer our request. At what point do you say...God I will do anything, just give me a job...a full time paying job?!

When you are raised in a big family, you kind of become good at working with kids.  Even though his degree was far from working with kids, his part time/ full time job has been just that. Countless hours of after school and summer camp for the last 10 years. That's a lot of little lives he's impacted. Honestly...He's really good with kids! I hear the stories and see the little notes these kids shower upon our children. This summer we have 4 kids working the summer camp program at our local rec center. If you ever want to change the world or be changed yourself...go work with kids! They will bring an end to all that selfishness that lies beneath your heart. They will push you beyond all reason. However, at the end of that very long day, their unconditional love will push you to wake up and do it all over again the next day!

I'm not really sure where he gets his travel bug from. Right out of high school he spent over three months in Africa. Countless mission trips and one year pursuing his degree in Israel. This young man has seen many beautiful places and experienced countless different cultures in his young life. Now it's time for the next adventure. Except this time will be a paid FULL time job! Working with kids! Overseas...halfway around the world!

From bucket brigade to teaching English to school children. Not what he had planned but what God has ordained for his life. When you lay your life at God's feet don't complain when He does something amazing with it! You never know what God is going to do when you lay your life at His feet!

We thought this opportunity wasn't going to happen. Our son had almost given up hope when the final email came.This was my Facebook post the day he received the final proposal... There's nothing like the end of a very long journey waiting on the Lord to answer a prayer! Often in ways we least expect. He is God .His ways are perfect. His plans are flawless. I am thankful.. 

I am thankful and teary-eyed at what God's plans entail. I have watched many years of discouragement turn into an amazing opportunity! Two years to impact the lives of school age children. To live in an unknown culture as he lives out the plans God has laid before him. It's so amazing that God has placed a few of his friends at that very same school. Even God's plans have extra added bonuses!

Our family has been greatly encouraged by this long awaited answer to prayer.

Never give up hope! Pray without ceasing! You never know what God will do when you lay your desires at His feet!

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