Friday, December 11, 2015

Good Good Father !

Many days walking the road of faith can be a difficult task. Just being a mom to my crew fills my life with endless pulling and tugging. My heart so full that my mind and body can't keep up. A good good full though. A road I walk as my Father draws me deeper into my walk with Him. Sometimes I need a good reminder of His faithfulness.

Here is a post I wrote on my Facebook wall a few days ago....

I have seen many prayers answered in the nearly 50 years that I have been alive, many great and small. Those small ones always amaze me the most! Yesterday I was praying for someone, asking the Lord to really encourage them and show them how great He is. How He really does love her and has her future in His hands. Well He did! Something as simple as a recognized song to brighten her day in a place where it was so unexpected! He is a good good Father! So, don't discount those small prayers.They really do matter!

From the moment my children were born I have prayed for their future spouses. I thought my heart was full with my 9...but my oh my! I really hate the in-law word because we have gained some amazing kids! I think of them as my own.They have come into our family and embraced the chaos with love and a little mercy thrown in there. They have a place in my heart right along with our own children. I sure hope they know how much I love them!

These past few weeks our family has begun to walk the road of a cancer diagnosis. I say "our family" because when one walks, we all walk! Our daughter and her husband are beginning their second year of marriage with a Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma diagnosis and are starting with his chemo treatments this week. With endless days of doctors visits and hospital stays, these two have continued to serve without skipping a beat. Never missing one moment to show God's love to others and impacting lives that will last for eternity. I hope this medical community is ready for this duo!

Sarah and Jason have served our community and their families with endless hours of giving and selfless open handed love! Even in this illness, they continue to be the servants that they have always been. Now we all have been given a chance to serve them, to show them that same love. I have watched as friends and family have gathered together to pray, give and love in any way they can. With an illness of this magnitude comes great need. A fund has been set up to help them with medical cost so they can fight this disease. As most of you know they were in the process of interviewing for a promising job out of state with a church. Most of their plans for this next year are now on hold until Jason is well and God says go!  

Here is a link to their Go Fund Me account that has been set up to help with medical cost and any needs they have. To help free Sarah to help and serve her husband. 

More than anything please continue to pray for Sarah, Jason and the Holcombe/Webb families. We are eternally grateful for all you are doing to be the hands and feet of our good good Father!

GO FUND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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