Monday, February 29, 2016

Blast from the past! Leap Year Treasures!

Our love for old things and reminiscing about things and stuff from the past....that's what leap year has become for us. A tradition I hope to keep! A time to challenge each other to set goals and reach for your dreams. To know that time does change all things...even handwriting!

  Leap year 2012 was a fun little project we pulled together at the last minute. The younger three girls added little pieces of themselves to fill our time capsule box. Letters to their future selves and pieces of their hair. Drawings and the Local front page news were added for a reminder of the past. All taped in a shoe box and placed in the attic, to wait for the grand reveal! Knowing that the moment was fast approaching, I fought off many requests to open the time capsule early. I'm so glad I did! Their excitement was a beautiful thing to watch today as they read their letters from long ago 2012.

As I listened to these young ladies write letters for 2016's  time capsule, I couldn't help but smile and see how much a small thing could bring so much excitement. Their conversations were quite funny as they talked of all the things they wanted to tell their future selves. Challenges and goals they wanted to accomplish over the next 4 years. Almost sounds like they are running for president! Maybe they should? I anticipate 2020's time capsule will be even better as we reminisce of all the treasures that are stuffed within the box. Letters written from an old friend much younger than themselves.

However, their time together laughing and anticipating their future goals was the best treasure of all!

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