Monday, December 22, 2008

Holcombe Family Christmas 2008

Sunday we went to Kelley's sisters house for the family Christmas party. Thanks Ellery and Faye, we had a wonderful time.My husband is the 8th of 9 kids, so when we get together the house is full. I love being part of this huge family. I am so thankful to my inlaws for raising such a wonderful family. I pray my kids have just as much fun and lots of get togethers when they are older.


Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

I love the Pictures! Its seems like the Holcomb Christmas Party gets bigger every year! It's always so fun to go to.
Merry Christmas!

Lydia said...

Hey Aunt Karen-
Thanks for posting pictures! It was so much fun! It is very fun to get to see everybody. We will try to post the pictures on our blog that Abigial and I took soon....

Merry Christmas~