Friday, February 12, 2010

It's snowing...3 inches and counting !!!

It started snowing today around 2:30 and hasn't stopped either...It's 7:15pm! The kids are outside as I the dark...playing in the snow! That does include our 3 year old whom cried saying "I want to play with my sisters...I wish I could play in the snow." So, after melting my heart I bundled her up...for the second time today and sent her out...that was 2 hours ago and she refuses to come in!

Our weather man just announced more snow on Monday! Not something many Georgians are looking forward too. We have had alot of rain this year,so having it snow twice in 1 week...this is unusual for Georgia...doesn't surprise me. But here in our house my family takes in every waking moment they can just to enjoy this most beautiful winter wonderland.

Tea kettle has been warming all day with cocoa mugs everywhere!
So, as I try and keep up with the many piles of wet laundry and dry up the soaked floors...we will await to see what Monday brings.

Now to go and rescue the 10 frozen toes on our little snowman girl!


Maria D. said...

My goodness! It sure is coming down! They are adorable!

Kristen said...

Great pictures! I am glad they are enjoying this!!