Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seven of 7 !!!

I keep asking myself ...Why would God bless me with 7 daughters? Girls are a lot of work!!!!! So many things,stuff, emotions....put them all in a room on a bad day and I just want to run away! Put them all in a room on a good day... we laugh until we cry. Each of them are unique with their own style and personality. When I look at them I see future wives...moms...aunts. I see women following after their maker as they serve Him wholeheartedly. Who knows what plans God has for our daughters? I just pray God will use them to share His love with the world. To be a light to other women...sisters...nieces.
May 2010 will change this 7 sister party...our oldest will be marrying her love. As she paves the way for her younger sisters,walking the road of grown married women with homes of their own , I pray they find ways to still connect with this ever so special party of 7.

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