Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#5 hits the road !!!

My days as chauffeur are gradually becoming less. Our fifth child is now gracing the roads with her driving skills! Yes...Georgia residents...the Holcombe's have another driver and another Honda in our driveway. Thank you Phil Hughs Honda in Athens...and Jimmy Griffeth (aka... The very best car salesman we know!)This is our fourth car we have bought from them...they are in Athens if you are on the hunt for a good car! Tell him we sent you!

With each new driver in our family I go through a period of nervousness. It's not easy to think of my little girl or boy out on the road all by themselves...or with a sibling! Let's face it...Teen drivers can scare you to death! I try not to think about it too much...but praying a WHOLE lot helps! Especially the very first time they pull out of the driveway alone.

  It's so hard to watch them fly!( Not in the car! ) As with anything in life...our job as parents is to teach our children to become adults. Helping them make wise choices! With age comes responsibility and learning a new skill takes time,energy and encouragement...from the smallest to the largest of new adventures. With our kids we gradually let the leash apron strings loose. Yes, they are growing up...only four more to teach how to drive! I sure hope Jimmy stays at least 12 more years! It will take that long to squeeze out what little nerves I have left!

So...if you drive by my house...seeing all the cars and wonder if we are having a party? We're not...well maybe! It's a party anytime we are all home at the same time! Just know another one of my kiddo's are driving...so give them plenty of room!

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Maria Delgado said...

Haha! i love this post. :)