Monday, January 31, 2011

Late night fevers, pink slippers and wake up calls from Delta....

The plague...quarantine...much needed sleep! These are the things I think about at 2'oclock in the morning as my feverish daughter stands beside my bed crying that her sister won't give her those pink slippers. A 104 degree fever will make you delirious and talking crazy... her sister was sound asleep. This is what makes a mama's heart race when she hears such words coming from her tiny little 4 year old and feels the heat from her body. I'm ready to have my chatty little wall bouncer back! I promise I won't complain about her activeness! Last night was spent cooling rags and taking temps. Sleep...a few minutes here and few minutes there...this is going to be a long day! Thanks to Delta for the 8am wake up call...cancelled flight to DC. My hubby was already booked and on another flight at the time of the about trying his cell phone next time?  So much for sleeping in!

Four days of fever from this plague that has embraced our family. Four nights of No sleep as I deplete our medicine supply to nurse our babes back to their spry little selves. Why the middle of the night? They seem to be a lot better during the day. I think we should return to the days of quarantine! If your sick...stay home! In fact our youngest had the smarts to suggest a sick room.Not a bad idea! In a family with many children it could take weeks for a plague to get the message....GO AWAY! So far only the youngest 3 have had the pleasure of this virus...we have 6 more in our house just waiting on pins and needles to see who is next. So much so they are talking about bathing in hand sanitizer...don't do this! Oh I hope my hubby doesn't get it while out of town.

As I embrace our little moment of quarantine I will know my God will give me rest. Time to rest in Him and slow down. Time to listen to Him speak so softly in the middle of the night as I lay cold cloths to cool the heat on my baby's forehead. Time to allow Him show me His love for me and our children. Time to be thankful even when thankfulness is so difficult to find. Time to cuddle with my children....after I run to the store for more meds and find those pink slippers! Time to lay my fears at his feet!

 Time to walk this part of the journey of motherhood....just a season and it will be over.

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Anonymous said...

poor thing...hope she feels better...and gets those pink slippers! Tell everyone I said Hi!!!