Monday, February 21, 2011

Mullet Hunter 2....Starring Kenzie Claire

From the title you may guess what I encountered from our sweet 4 year old this evening....

...all the while I'm trying to cook dinner after a nice day out with my mom and sister. Not a great ending to a perfectly good day. As I looked at my sweet mullet wearing 4 year old...all I can think of is a video my son and his cousin recorded called Mullet Hunter...filmed at our local Flea Market. Maybe they should shoot the 2nd episode!

This past week I have been reading Ann Voskamps book....One Thousand here to read her blog
and click here for the book's blog. In her book she shares her list of things she is thankful for and describes the journey God has taken her on as she seeks to have a thankful heart full of joy. Need a new attitude? Need a challenge? Every mother should read this!

I had a similar challenge this past November. My challenge was to post 1 thankful thing each day for 30 days. Here I am again...challenged to find joy through a thankful heart. This time my journey begins with a little girl who decided to give herself her first haircut...a mullet. All two inches of white hair rest in a baggy on my kitchen counter...right along with my new thankful journel.

My blessings...I am thankful!

1...White hair on the kitchen floor and the white hair left on her head
2...The cute little girl with the new hair cut........

These photos were taken after I tried to salvage what I could of her chopped up hair...I should have taken before ones. So I'll just leave the word mullet to your imagination!

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