Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days...Cabin Fever and self-centered attitudes!

Our week began with one last trip to the grocery store! A storm with which we were warned about days earlier came flying in Sunday night and has left a blanket of what looks like meringue in it's wake. Snow, then ice, then below freezing temperatures has left a glistening crunch to the ground with which has made a wonderful surface to sled on. Our dear State of Georgia  is not equipped for such weather and the roads are still a mess here in day 3 of this Winter Storm 2011.

Sunday evening the snow came in so quickly! We had over 3 inches in 45 minutes and it wasn't letting up. This left me scrambling to make sure all our kids were safe. All accounted for except one...19 year old female driving a two door Honda Civic and not answering her phone or text messages. It's a blizzard outside and getting worse. Isn't this why we give them cell phones? After my panic attacks and being told I was pitching a hissy fit and not using my faith... that sweet sound of her voice became music to my ears! She had been in the movies and was headed home. Catching my breath I waited for her little car to pull in our frozen driveway. We will have better rules put in place so this never happens again!

Yes...I finally went outside this morning to retrieve a sled that had flown to the bottom of our hill and couldn't resist! I quickly ran walked and slid inside to grab my 4 year old to come and sled with me. I wouldn't want to be the only mom one outside sledding while all the kiddos are inside! Our first run down the hill was fabulous! It was met with a 4 year old's words...That was fun! Let's do it again! My alone time with our little one was short lived before our other kids heard our fun and came to join us! Even our lab got into the action!

We were all warned and told to prepare for the worst. The only thing we forgot was our attitudes! Cabin home from school, hubby home from routine whatsoever! Our freedom gone and our control over our own lives has gone as we sit and wait to be rescued from the frozen tundra of a state...We are in Georgia...right? I thought I would get a lot of my sewing done during this immobile time of my life...NOT! I have cooked,cleaned,picked up hats,scarves and coats a thousand and one times. I have tried to keep this FULL house running in a somewhat of an order. All though my self-centered attitude has crept in during this close knit family time...I have enjoyed seeing my kids smile and cheer at the news of each days school closing. I have had the pleasure of watching them enjoy the hot cocoa and sit by the fire. I have had the pleasure of cooking things for them that I normally wait until the weekend to cook. I have had the pleasure of watching them enjoy the snow and sledding as they build their childhood memories.

Being forced to sit still is not a thing we as humans or Americans like to experience. We love our freedom! We love to go and do so much that we forget to just sit still and take in those precious moments of just being together. Just watching our kids be kids is a blessing we shouldn't take lightly! Before the storm I would hear many people say I can't wait for the weekend...I'm so tired of work....Ha! Now I'm hearing...I can't wait to go back to work! I can't wait for the kids to go back to school! We always want what we can't have when we want it. Are we ever going to be content in whatever circumstance God has placed us in? We are exhausted humans who don't even realize God is forcing us to take a rest!

I know Georgians are not equipped for this kind of weather and unfortunate disruptions of our lives. Look at this time as a gift...a little more time to get to spend with your kids and your spouses. They may not be here tomorrow...then what are you going to say? I should of could of would of ....

I like my routine probably better than most...but it's nice to take a break form the norm and sit back and just admire God's blessings! Oh look...that sled is at the bottom of the hill! I better go retrieve it!

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