Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow...Sleet... and Empty grocery shelves!

Yes my blog friends... Atlanta is getting winter weather for a second time in less than a month! For several days we have been on alert to this approaching winter blast. I have officially been to the grocery store no less than 5 times for our bread and milk...well maybe a few other things to fill my family with many comfort foods. Also a stop to the fabric store for supplies to keep me busy while we are snowed in for the next few days. You see...when the word SNOW leaves the lips of our local weatherman...all Atlantans make a bee line for the nearest grocery store. I think the business community has been bribing our local weatherman. Since that S word was spoken a few days ago... sales have seen totals that far exceed the Christmas time rush. I even read today that a friend of ours turned around and went home when she saw the parking lot of her local grocery store. It's crazy here! Store shelves are EMPTY! Quick...grab the last two loaves of bread!

ALL the potatoes are gone! There is not a spud to be found!

Our produce man even ordered twice the amount that he normally does...Yes! We have NO bananas!

I  saw a man standing by the milk counter looking overwhelmed and talking to his wife asking her how badly she really wanted milk...Only Mayfield milk left at $4.65 a gallon....Out of all Ingles milk!

With snow comes disruptions in air travel. My hubby was suppose to fly to Colorado Monday morning. Saturday morning he chose to cancel his trip...just a few hours before Delta cancelled flights for Sunday and Monday. Better to be stranded at home than stuck in an airport over a hour away from home.

Needless to say most of Atlanta will be shut down for a few days. Kids will have a couple of days with NO school. A lot of hot cocoa and snuggling by the fire will be the past time of many Georgians as we admire the beauty of God's creation praying our power stays on. Georgia Power, Jackson EMC and many other Georgia power company crews thank you in advance for the many hours you will be working in the cold to keep our homes surging with power.

Stay warm my fellow Georgians and forget about one last run to the store...I got the last loaf of bread!

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