Thursday, September 17, 2009

A day of firsts....and one dead deer!

For 5 years now I have been having trouble with my gallbladder. I have an attack about every 4-5 months... with pain in my side and between my shoulder blades.Usually they only last a couple of days. This last attack I've had nausea and it has lasted over two weeks I'm not pregnant! This morning I had an appointment to have a Hida scan...nuclear medicine. I had to be there at 7:30 am and we live 45 minutes away. When I get there, they inject me with the nuclear meds and I have to lay still on my back in a vice like scanner for 1 1/2 hours...not good to have a huge chunk of metal a few inches from your face for 1 1/2 hours. The meds make my organs glow so they can view my liver...gallbladder and small intestines...there's nothing like feeling like a glow worm!

Two hours later I'm freezing and head home...thinking about stopping at Target...I resist the urge. Getting off of Hwy.316 I turn onto Hwy 29 heading towards Dacula. Passing QT and the Waffle House I look up to see oncoming traffic and cars in front of me. As I am passing the oncoming traffic, suddenly I have a deer hitting my drivers side front...I really don't know where it came from! Not knowing what damage is done I proceed to pull over in the parking area of what use to be Chadwicks vegetable stand...the building I thought was empty. As I pull in... my van's power dies. Oh great! My hubby is out of town, this is not good...or so I thought. I looked up to see two gentlemen to the side of the building. I get out...or at least try but the driver door wouldn't open. So I get out of the passenger side door. I know these guys are thinking what a weird lady...I'm thinking they probably don't speak English and will be of little help. You know... God is good ALL the time and He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. As I'm looking at the damage I tell them I just hit a deer and now my van won't start. I then see a 3rd man...the owner of the building...he begins looking at the damage and seeing if he can get it started. As they are trying different things I find out he wasn't supposed to be there...but had just swung by for that God or what? I am trying to get a hold of my hubby...who is out of town meeting with a General at Fort Brag. I have never been in an accident or hit a deer...Kelley is my wisdom in times of stress. To my dismay he couldn't be reached. I am thinking ..Oh great! I better find a tow truck! After trying several things this man pulls out the fuse box that is in the engine. The only problem was a loose fuse...the impact of the deer had knocked it out! Praise God from who all blessing flow! No tow truck after all! I really didn't want to spend $150 for towing...Target would have been better! What a blessing these 3 men were to me today...God sent three angels to rescue this stranded glow worm from her deer hunting experience!

Before I left I ask them how much I owe them...their response "a deer!" Just so happens I know where to find one!

Listening to that inner voice...I should have made that stop at Target...It would have been cheaper! However I would not have had a day of firsts....First glow worm experience...first deer ...first accident...not bad for a 43 year old lady! But I did get to see God hold me in the palm of His hand and experience His mercy to the fullest...I could not have ask for more! Now to trust Him and His ways of doing a good work in me.

Karen...the deer hunter!

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Jennifer T. said...

Wow, what a day! I saw your comment on MckMama's blog and am just stopping by. Might have to check out your etsy link and see those baby slings! =)
Blessings on your family,
Jennifer (in Bolivia)