Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess who?

Guess who I was able to meet? I have never really had an idol but I guess you would say these two handsome men are the sons of a lady that I would truly love to meet. That's right Jammie and Bobby Deen! Let's just say they are just as sweet as they are cute. Our plans to go to Savannah to eat at their restaurant were cancelled ,so my dear sweet husband surprised me by taking me to their book signing. I really liked the fact that we know someone who knew them. Becky who works with my husband went to school with Paula and they were on the cheer squad together. I am hoping she can one day introduce me to Paula. And a little bird(Bobby) told me he had a crush on Becky when he was younger. Paula if you are reading this... you have raised two fine young men and thanks to my hubby I was able to meet them.

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