Saturday, September 19, 2009


Why are friendships are so important? As a woman I have found when I have just a few minutes conversing with other women I feel strengthened and walk away with a little more sanity. Is it maybe because we understand one-another better than in male-female relationships?

Being a wife and a mom to 9 kids leaves very little time for friendships outside of our "little" family. I guess for the 25 years, I have not made the time to maintain the friendships that I have had along the way. The funny thing is when I do make the time...I really feel better and walk away a stronger person. For me, hearing verbally that others are walking similar roads...struggles and joys...I no longer feel alone in my walk. When going through a trial I often alienate myself from the world...pity party maybe? When what I really need is to be around those that understand and can lift me up with prayer and encouragement.

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in 15 years! Janet was a girl I met when I was 12. We started going to this new church and a few months later my dad was killed in an automobile accident. As we adjusted to our new life and new church...I began new friendships. I was a quiet shy girl with alot of pain going on inside. I'm not sure if these kids realise what an important role they played in my life. They would always go out of their way to invite/encourage me to participate in different youth events or ministries.

Puppet ministry was one area Janet and my other friend Becky talked me into. That was a time in my life that was an absolute blast! Those friendships with fellow puppeteers is what kept me going and that allowed time to build those friendships...and I to this day have missed and cherished.

Youth group was another area that I feel God had His hand on. We had the best Youth director and really the only one I ever had. Tracy and Lisa had a gift of connecting with kids and did an awesome job! Tracy even played the piano in my wedding after my family left LCOG.

I was just 17 when my family chose to leave LCOG...leaving my friends behind was very hard...they had been my support for the last 4-5 years. However, God had an ultimate plan for me and in spite of the lost friendships...I had to follow Him. On and off for the next few years I would run into Janet, Becky or Tammy. A few of them even came to my wedding. As years passed we lost contact, until I decided to join Facebook...per my sisters request! Now my past friendships are coming out of the wood net work. Janet and I have even discussed a reunion of sorts with our old youth pastor.

The teen years are the hardest part of ones life. Now that I have teenagers I can see how important friendships can be. Hopefully I can direct my kids to make good choices in the friends they have...those friendships will impact their lives forever!

We missed you today Becky and Tammy! I hope we can get together soon...I have missed your friendships!


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