Monday, November 23, 2009

~ Bittersweet...A new season of life ~

This past week as I have been trying to focus on being more thankful, but have encountered a few bittersweet moments.

A few days ago I heard my 2 year old tell our oldest son "You don't need to go to have to stay home and watch movies with me." Justin and Mackenzie have a special relationship...our oldest and our youngest (21 years a part). Justin, a couple of months ago, brought home a huge bag of pistachios. He sat down with Mackenzie and taught her how to open them. Wouldn't you know...every time he walks in the door she runs to where the pistachios are stored. I wish you could see his smile when she does this...She adores her brother! Many times he will take the younger girls down stairs to watch movies with him. I think they really look forward to movie time with him...he does too! I love all the memories he is making with his sisters. I pray they will remember each one.

Well the time has come...a time I knew would happen eventually. It just got here way too soon...I blinked too quickly! Justin will be moving out of our home in December. I am excited for him...but sad at the same time! Many tears are flowing at the thought. God is taking our family into a whole new season of life. I hate change and all the adjustment that comes along with it. I am really sad for the younger girls and all they will miss not having Justin around. This change won't end here...We have an older daughter who is getting married in May of 2010. Our other son will be working hard to get through school and making changes also. The next six months are going to be major adjusting for the Holcombe family. Having the extra space is going to be great but very bittersweet. Somebody must have prayed for excitement in their lives!

Having a large family comes with a lot of never ending joy, laughter and tears…this week I‘ll have plenty. As I have watched my oldest with my youngest this past week…my heart has been moved to take the time to cherish every moment. Oh! How I wish I could just prop my eyelids open with toothpicks and focus on being more thankful for the little things in my life!

Webster’s: Bittersweet
1: something that is bittersweet; especially : pleasure alloyed with pain



Kristen said...

Karen, this brings tears to my eyes! Thank you for reminding me not to blink too quickly! Your blog makes me want to have a big family too! I just told my husband that and he got the oddest look on his face... something like fear? haha!

Karen said...

Kristen...big families are not for the faintest of heart. I never thought we would have large family...well one this big. When God calls you to walk a road never ask why or how...just put one foot in front of the other and start walking. He will carry you when you are tired, point you in the right direction when you get lost and provide all you need for your journey. It's a journey I will never regret. The legacy my husband and I leave is going to be incredible! I pray we can share Jesus long after our bodies are in the grave.
Kristen being a young mom is not easy.I am so encouraged to see your love for your husband and child(future children). You have a desire to learn and to be a Godly wife and mom...that is something to be admired. You are doing a great job! One day God will place someone...much like your path to encourage and teach how to be a Godly wife and mom. Never stop too will have a legacy to leave.

Lydia Caroline said...

That is so sweet Aunt Karen! I love reading your blog, I guess being part of a big family myself I can relate a lot!! See ya'll in December. = )