Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4....If I could only Skype Kenzie to her aunt!

 Yes, I'm late posting'll get Day 5 later today. That is... if the 3 year old who won't sleep so I can get these posted on time...will give me a few minutes. Now to figure out how to Skype her to her aunt!

Day 4 of thankfulness....

Today I am thankful for Skype! This really amazing tool has allowed my children to connect with their cousins who live thousands of miles away in Honduras. Today for over 2 hours they talked,laughed and played games...yes we should have been doing school...I'll just call it Spanish  and communication class!

Growing up we always spent time with our cousins. Those memories are what childhood is all about. Summers and weekends spent gathering at our grandmother's house...staying out till way after dark catching fire flies and making our grandaddy fuss because we were too loud! He was watching the ball game! LOL!

 Our children are the youngest cousins in my husband's family. He's the 8th of 9 kids.Our older kids have cousin memories...but the younger ones have missed out. Kenzie is the 30th and youngest grandchild in the Holcombe family. Her cousin memories will be with an occasional playtime with the great-grand children. Yes...I am not much older than some of the nieces and nephews....even younger than some of them!

My family is a whole other story! I'm the oldest of 3 girls and the 4th of 7 children. My two related sisters have always lived at least 2 or more hours away. Their kids are around the ages of my younger 3. I so wish they lived closer so our kids could have the cousin time to build those fun memories! My step-sister...We didn't become sisters until our mid-teens(I hate using step sister...I just am for clarity) I usually refer to her as my sister...She has 3 children. Her two daughters have grown up with my older girls and they all have cousin memories to which they can look back and smile...I hope! They too have had the summers and weekends at grandma's and each other's homes...oh the stories I could tell !

Family to me is very important...being close in distance is what I long for. Today... Skype has relieved me from those unmet desires! To see my kids laugh and play games with my nieces and nephews was a delight to my soul !  I so wish I had Skype when I lived out of state...maybe California wouldn't have been so lonely! To be able to have coffee with my sister has been another plus to this awesome connection called Skype!

Skype can never replace that in the room connection...but it sure helps when the miles between you are just too long!

I would encourage you to look through thankful eyes...It's amazing how it changes your whole perspective on life!

Thanks for reading my post. I pray you are blessed and encouraged!

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Maria Delgado said...

I too have just started enjoying the beauty of SKYPE. I started yesterday and Elena has already been able to talk to 3 different sets of family and friends that we never get to see. SO GREAT!