Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankfulness...Not just for the last Thursday in November


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Main Entry: thankfulness
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: appreciation
Synonyms: admiration, aesthetic sense, affection, appraisal, assessment, attraction, awareness, cognizance, commendation, comprehension, enjoyment, esteem, estimation, grasp, gratefulness, gratitude, high regard, knowledge, liking, love, perception, realization, recognition, regard, relish, respect, responsiveness, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sympathy, thanks, understanding, valuation

So many words for such an expression of gratitude.I remember as a small child having difficulty expressing these words. I see that same hesitation in my children at times and have even walked away embarrassed from their lack of words. As an adult I see many other adults struggle with this expression of thankfulness. Is it pride...shyness...what is their reason for not expressing a simple thank you?

It's funny how that on this one day out of the year we all seem to pull those thank yous out of the air. What is it about the last Thursday of November that makes us more thankful than any other day? Should a holiday on the calender dictate to us when to be thankful? We all like to receive a thank you when we give of ourselves! But how are we at returning the acknowledgement?

We as humans have gotten away from being polite. We rush here and rush there! To busy to acknowledge those that give of themselves. Saying thank you is an affirmation that someone other than yourself gave a moment of their time to you. Pride? It really doesn't matter why. It's amazing how the simple words ...Thank you...can turn someone's day around !

Today I am very thankful for my mom. On her 18th birthday she gave me life. Several years later she introduced me to eternal life...Jesus!

I love you mom!

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Maria Delgado said...

I think I am going to start attaching what I am thankful for to my posts too.