Saturday, November 6, 2010

25 years of mothering...I am thankful !

Day 6...still thankful!

Mothering is probably the hardest job I have ever done. As with anything there are good days and bad days...good years and bad years. As I'm typing this I'm arguing with a three year old as to why she shouldn't cut all the lights off in the house....there goes the T.V! Is she trying to get our attention? I think she feels as though she's the parent in the house. Undivided attention? Isn't that what God wants from us? All those things you keep trying to do and they keep failing or have to put them on hold...distractions? Sometimes you just have to stop and listen. Sometimes laying those distractions down to really hear what's being said.

Mothering is not just for the little ones. We sometimes fail to realize the older kids are still!
Teenagers...we've all been one. When is the last time you stopped to just listen to what's on their heart? They to need our undivided attention.  Young and old...we all need a little mothering from time to time. I'm 44 and there are days when all I need is my mom to just sit and  listen to me...and she does! Our mothering never ends just because our kids are grown.

We have at this point many age ranges in our family...toddler to adult. I am pretty good at multitasking....but some days I feel as though I'm riding a roller coaster with all the pulling and tugging from all 9 +1. Maybe a rope in the game of Tug of War would be a better description. There are 2 decades between our oldest and youngest. I have to really be careful to switch gears when I go from talking to the 3 year old to talking to our 25 year old. Well maybe not! I sometimes call him Peter Pan...He is my child who wanted to grow up and be a cartoon!  With all the pulling and tugging I never get tired of hearing the word mom...even when it's being thrown at me x 9!

Twenty five years of mothering and I still have a little one who loves to snuggle with her mama! Maybe I should lay down the distractions stop typing and go snuggle with her! Hopefully one day she to will hear the word mama as she snuggles with her little one!

Today I am blessed and very thankful to be called mom!

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