Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am thankful for my other family...Calvary Chapel Gwinnett

Day 7 of  a thankful heart...

Had you told me 27 years ago I would be typing this ...I would tell you that you were crazy! When my family left the church I had grown to love...I left kicking and screaming. The church my parents chose to take me to....Calvary Chapel Atlanta. Some would say it's a church full of those that never felt welcomed in any mainstream American church. Calvary Chapel began.... in Costa Mesa California....Pastor Chuck Smith... Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa here . Since the beginning it has grown world wide. Calvary Chapels strive to give good solid biblical teaching...chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Just google it and see how many Calvarys there are!

While at Calvary Chapel Atlanta I met and married my husband...I am so glad my parents didn't give in to my kicking and screaming! After a few years of traveling an hour to church we felt it was time to start a new fellowship closer to home...Calvary Chapel Gwinnett...Pastor Mark Byrd....Calvary Chapel Gwinnett here Since then I have seen many changes in our fellowship. What started as a few families in our friends basement is now a growing fellowship that strives to share the gospel  to the surrounding communities in the Gwinnett,Barrow,Hall and Jackson Counties. Here is a link to CCG homepage Calvary Chapel here. Click on the link and see what you might be missing! You can even see the service live via the internet.

I often here this ...If you find the perfect church don't go because you'll only mess it up! Calvary Chapel 
Gwinnett isn't perfect..but it's where God has called our family to it's perfect for us. Our fellowship is filled with Spirit filled believers who's one goal is to please the Lord and grow in Him. We all have faults and mess up more times than we would like to count. As a family we love...we forgive...we encourage...we grow together towards the same goal....Jesus! Are you looking for a church family? Need a place to belong? I say ask God. Ask Him to show you where you should be. Ask Him to lead you to that perfect church fellowship where you can forgiven and encourage others to be more like Jesus!

I love my church family and all those that have loved and supported our family over the years.  I know at times I fail to say this..Calvary Chapel Gwinnett family...Thank you! Thank you for the love...forgiveness...encouragement you have shown our family for all these years.  I pray that as we all grow in the Lord that we will be able to show others how great it is to be a part of such a great big family!