Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 ...Are you a man or woman of your word?

I am thankful that my God is a man of His word! His word is always faithful and true. His word never changes. His word never fails. His word brings strength and healing. His word brings peace and life!

Whatever happened to ...My word is my bond? What happened to the days when a man or woman's word meant something? A promise is a promise doesn't mean anything anymore.  We get so busy and stay so  over committed to the point that we even forget what promises we have made. I often tell my kids...I don't flap my lips just to hear myself speak. But in reality...sometimes I do.  I often catch myself making promises to my kids whether it be a promise of correction or a promise of a reward...then when it comes time to "follow through" I hesitate. I must be a little more selective in my promises...especially when  correction is needed. Often the hesitation is because of my own laziness and inconsistent parenting. I'm learning. That's when God's word can be my guide and bring life to my parenting.

I use to think my days in high-school where memorization was my motivation for earning a trip out to lunch or privileges to have a little more freedom. Now as a mom of 9 there are many days I find it difficult to find time or quiet to dig into God's word and fill my soul with this breath of life. I realize now how important the task of memorization was. I wish now I had done more! Those memories are what I count on to sustain me until I am able to hear what my maker has to say.

 I know this time of raising little ones is slowly coming to an end. My quiet times will change and my walk will deepen and grow. God's word will never return void and I pray I will become a woman of His word as I take this journey.

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