Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10 of my journey to a thankful heart

Not feeling very thankful today. Just a normal day for this mom of 9...who many days walks this road alone...well I'm never really alone! I could give you my list of daily complaints...but then I wouldn't be walking this journey of thankfulness would I?

There are days when I just want to throw my hands in the air and surrender...and I do. I surrender to the King of Kings. The one who fights my battles for me. The one who I call father. The one who keeps me in perfect peace when my heart is fully surrendered to Him. Tonight as I lay my burdens at His feet...I will choose to leave them there.

Today a friend of mine posted this to her Facebook wall...The value of your life is not determined by you. It was already established on Calvary. However it is your decision to value, your value. ~ Beckah Shae

Many stay at home moms struggle to find their value...often times walking a very lonely road. Our decision to stay at home with our children has come at a great price. Many have sacrificed education, bank accounts,relationships,things and they could make a great contribution into the molding of the character of their children. The rewards far out weigh the sacrifice we have made. Our rewards are not grand plaques on the wall or bonuses that would  make you feel you won the lottery. Our rewards are watching our children grow,learn and laugh. The bonuses we receive are watching them connect with their maker and that goodnight kiss at night that says I love you mom. Learning to listen to their hearts and really having time to learn who they truly are is my greatest quest! I love my children very much. I may not always like them or the things they choose to do.I may not always be the best mom or have the most thankful heart. I have made many mistakes over the 25 years of my mothering. But the sacrifices that I have made are teaching me to strive to be a better mom, woman and wife! My value?  It's in Christ...the very best place for it to be!

This note was left for me. Written by my sweet daughter. I don't remember the offense...but I sure do remember the note! Yes...I cried when I found it!

I must add...Moms who work outside the home...My hats off to you. To juggle a job outside and at home a job!

Whatever you do as a at home or work outside the home...or both...we as woman play a major role into molding the character of the next generation's leaders. So hang onto that sanity...tomorrow is a new day!

As of this moment I still have my sanity...well some of it. Tomorrow is a new day and a new heart of thankfulness will rise with the sun...for that I am thankful!

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