Sunday, November 28, 2010

Journey To A Thankful Heart....Happy Birthday Lil Sis!

Day 27...I missed due to my need to clean house...I am still on the journey and thankful for what God is teaching me.

Day 28...I am thankful for my little sisters!

The one in the middle is our mama

Today is my little sister's birthday. I can still remember our parents telling us the good news of her expected arrival. I can still remember the waiting of her arrival. I can remember her dark hair and brown eyes...Did somebody make a mistake? My parent's older girls had blonde hair and blue/green eyes! How can they have a child so different from the two they already had? My dad was fair skinned, blonde hair and blue mom has olive skin,brown hair and brown eyes. And boy does she look like my mama!

My dad was hoping for a boy and Kathy is what he got! I don't think he even gave it a second thought once she arrived.  He was just as proud to have her as he would have had a boy. She was his buddy from day one! A true daddy's girl! Now this really caused a problem because Kelly,five years older and the second daughter, who had that she had to share the role!  A role that only lasted 5 years until the death of our dad. But all in all we were his 3 little girls! Sisters forever no matter how many miles apart we are!

Although our childhood was a difficult one...we all survived! Not what we would have planned...but all in God's plan. Learning to take one day at the time and rolling with the punches. Learning to be strong independent women...just like our mama.

Today I can say...I am proud of my little sister. She has grown to be a beautiful woman, loving wife and mama to four great kids! Although we live thousands of miles apart we manage to sneak in a skype or phone call every now and then. Sometimes staying on way too long and laughing until we cry. If only Honduras was closer to Georgia.

Happy Birthday lil sis!  I love and miss you! Maybe I should grab Kelly and fly down for some sister time!

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