Friday, November 26, 2010

Journey to a thankful heart...Cinderella

Day 26...I am thankful for a house full of daughters!

There's no ugly step-sister here. Just a mom who is throwing out orders faster than a drill Sergent. I have a list so long...yes that list of would make My hubby a grown man cry! I guess my girls might think they have been transported to a time of mean step-mothers and ugly step-sisters...praying their dad  prince charming would rescue them.

Today I bribed my girls to get some chores done...and it worked like a charm! I knew they could clean and get the job done. I guess it sounds really bad to bribe my children to clean our house. But I look at it like this...They are learning basic house keeping skills. So prince charming wherever you are you can thank me later! Now I'm off to the ATM...I have a bribe to pay!

Although we didn't get everything I wanted to get done, I discovered they can clean and do a great job!

Thank you girls...You did a great job!

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