Sunday, November 21, 2010

Journey to a thankful heart...I in charge!

  Day 21....Oh to be a child again!

"I in charge...I in charge" she so proudly proclaimed  as she walked with her big brother to go play with the other children. I think she must have told it to everyone she passed. This was an idea her dad came up with to keep her near her brother for her own safety. If she was in charge of him then hopefully she would see that he was always near her. As children we dream of the day when we are grown and "In charge" of our own lives. Boy were we in for a rude awakening! There are days when I would love to pass on the responsibility. For a first born child this is a huge statement. I feel I have been "In charge" my whole life!

Megan had no idea that by placing her with the responsibility of watching her big brother was in fact an idea to keep her safe. Before I became a Christian I was "In Charge " of my own life. I had the freedom to pick and choose it all. Being "In Charge" comes with a price. If we had let Megan wander alone around that camp ground ...don't most parents of 3 year olds? ...She had the potential of becoming hurt or lost. The same goes for me....until I wasn't the one "In Charge" anymore... I too had the potential of becoming hurt or lost. God sent His son Jesus to be "In Charge" so that we could have someone who would see that our best interest was at heart. Unlike Megan we have to ask Him to be "In Charge" over our lives. I am thankful that Jesus Christ is "In Charge " of my life. Even though He gives me the freedom to choose...I'm always watching to make sure He is near. Just like Jordan watching his "In Charge" little sister...God is watching us, searching with His eyes and waiting for our eyes to meet His.

I am thankful for my children and how God is always using them to teach me....Thankful that I am no longer "In Charge!"

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