Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Journey to a thankful heart ...

Day 16...Time to start pulling those thankful post out of a hat.

As a mom of many my patience runs thin most days. Usually lack of sleep and no me time or God time which plays a huge role in my attitude and the way my day plays out. Finding joy in the mundane things in this life can be a challenge and often I walk away feeling defeated. That refiners fire is getting pretty hot!

Children can be a challenge. Try throwing 7 girls in one house and see how well you survive handle the hormone chaos! God are you sure you know what your doing to me? Yes, I ask this question continually! He's so patient and kind even when my attitude is at it's worst. I guess it's time to tune my ears again, I think they may be off a tad bit.

So, today I haven't had much of a thankful heart. But that's Ok! My God loves me...He knows me...He is so very patient with me and He will never give up trying to polish me so that His reflection shines through!

Tomorrow is a new day and for that I am very thankful!

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