Friday, November 19, 2010

Journey to a thankful heart..The laundry made me do it!

Day 18 and 19....The laundry made me do it! I thought a daily post of thankfulness would be easy but some days I just have to lay down the keyboard and clean.

Today I am thankful that God is slowly chipping away at my perfectionism. Some days it gets the best of me when the laundry is piled high and the sink if full.

One thing about being a mom of many is I just simply can't do it all. Throw my husband being out of town in the mix and you have one worn out lady. You single and military rock!  We are women and the name of the game is "Survive". Maybe they should do a show with moms on a deserted island....VACATION!

Yesterday I spent most of my day catching up on laundry. After folding about six loads I can see the laundry room floor! I even managed to clean out my closet. Yes, I can now see that floor too! My how times have changed. It's true what they say...Perfection is my enemy! Many days I look at the task ahead  and feel defeated before I even get started. Knowing full well that to complete the task with perfection just isn't going to happen. Time,energy and the bazillion interruptions keep that perfectionism at bay.

 Before kids I did have my OCD to perfection. I even carried this into motherhood...but that didn't last long. It is totally impossible to keep anything free of clutter in a house with many children! The laundry is never done. The sink is never empty. The trash can is always full.  As hard as I try I will never succeed to complete these task for more than 15 minutes...before I have to start over again. But you know...this is a sign that life is being lived and my heart is being filled with the blessings my God has bestowed upon me.

 Don't get me wrong...I love a clean and organized house! I am a happier mom when the house is clean and organized. I joke and say all the time we have to invite someone over just to get the house clean. My kids even ask "Who's coming over?" when I ask them to clean their rooms. I think it's time for an invite! Anyone want to come over?

One day I will have a spotless home ...but for now I will play and enjoy my children and my lived in home!
Unless, I get a maid... then I will  really enjoy both!

Today I am thankful for the many loads of laundry and that I did complete my journey to see the laundry room floor...that is until this afternoon! Got to love being a mom of many!

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