Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laughing after the storms...Part Three

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Part Three...

Living in Memphis far away from friends and family. Learning to be a family...learning to be a couple. The three and a half  years spent living there had many trials and many blessings. New friends! Fun...laughter...tears and then it was time to leave. Back to our home state...continuing to write our story.

This move was great! Finally a new job and paid moving expenses! Where were they when I flew home from Maine with a 1 week old? For the next few months we once again settled down in a hotel. This time with 4 kids...but in Georgia.The days were filled with house hunting and trying to adjust to living back in the community we once called home. We were thrilled to be back in our church...but that to took time to feel at home again. I knew things wouldn't be the same as when we had left three years earlier. But my brain couldn't help but expect people to be frozen in time.When we left our friend's kids were babies and when we returned they were adults!

House a frustrating experience! After touring many many homes...not seeing anything that was "The One"....We gathered the kids together and made a list. The list included 1 thing from each family member that they would like to have in our home...or outside the home! We then prayed and brought our list before the Lord. The list got tucked away...not sure why I kept it... and we continued our search. A few weeks later my husband picked up a real estate  magazine while waiting on our realtor. One particular house caught his eye. Due to a busy schedule we just drove by the house before our realtor could schedule a viewing. As we drove up to the house the owner was in the yard. We were invited in  for a personal tour...and fell in love. As we walked through chills began to consume my body. The list...the one we made with our kids. The one we brought before the Lord. EVERYTHING on that list was included in this house! SOLD!!! After we moved in  and started unpacking ...the list just appeared one day. As I looked over it in amazement...WOW! My God cares enough to grant the desires of my heart and the desires of my kids hearts. As a testimony to our family and friends...The list was framed and placed on our mantel. I need to find that list and post a picture of it. Once again I had a home of my own! Trust me...He said. I have a great plan for your life! Oh the sweet whispers of my Lord!

The next four years were spent making memories and new friends while in our little house in Inglenook. Our family grew by two while living in that special home. Now we were a family of 8 and had no idea of our future...but excited to see where God would send us next! And next He did!

In order to obtain a better job...promotion...sometimes you have to be willing to move anywhere. We did have a large family and more money would be great. But one thing I've learned from our many moves is...Learning to depend on God when your in a strange land with no family and no friends! We have made so many friendships all across the US. Some we still to this day keep in touch with. Our many travels have taken us to many places...but there's no place like home!

So once again my husband started the application process...and we were off on our next adventure! Once again leaving our home state to a more hot tropical climate...Merritt Island. They had a Calvary Chapel !!!!
Moving to a new community and being familiar with a fellowship there made this move all the more exciting.

The movers came...this time we filled the whole moving semi! It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in just a few years. And the weekend we chose to move...a hurricane decides to hit our new destination. The word was the island was being evacuated as we were traveling. No one could even remember the last time they had an evacuation. I guess it was our welcome to paradise parade! Oh Joy!  What a way to start our new adventure!

"I have a plan He whispered"... as we are traveling with 6 kids(youngest was 3 months) loaded down and towing our other car behind us. Yeah Lord...but I am so very tired from this moving day. I just want to get to my "own home"...which was a hotel(Motel 6...but hey it's right across from the beach) on Cocoa Beach for the next few months with our 6 kids. Hotel living is OK for a week...but after that it gets really old! Again... My ways are not your ways...Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I'm trusting you Lord....but not really liking this kink in my plans!

Stay tuned...I'm still kicking...and screaming!

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