Saturday, August 7, 2010

Laughing after the Storms...Part five ~ The finale...for now!

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Part Five...

For the past eleven years we have lived in our little home on two acres. When we arrived we had six kids and our seventh arriving just one and a half months later. We now have nine sweet blessings and have loved watching them grow up. Our oldest is almost 25 and our youngest just 3 1/2.  We  will continue to weather many more storms...that's just part of life...part of the growing! As I watch my children mature and hopefully when they are ready....leave the nest...I will continue to Trust the one who allows me to walk through these storms and laugh!

We have had many many changes as our children have grown. Four have graduated from the same high school. One graduated from UGA with a degree in Anthropology and has the hope to become an Archaeologist one day...anyone want to hire a great young man? Two who have moved married and one just trying to be more independent...they both are within reach of becoming teachers. One fresh out of high college and trying to figure out where God is taking her on this life journey. Two in high school and three still at home...homeschooling. My husband has had several job promotions over the past 11 years. But all have kept us here...allowing a much needed rest from our many moves...our many storms. We have always felt our lives are in God's hands... we will go wherever and do whatever He calls us to do.  Chances are our next promotion will take us out of state...but maybe not! Only my guide knows!

All I know is... I have to place my heart in such a condition that I will follow Christ even into the storm!
I have seen several storms in my life and  they have at times weathered me tremendously...but I have stood firm on the foundation that rest beneath my feet. I will not be shaken...I will look at the face of fear and doubt...and I will Laugh! I will laugh with my very first husband! He is the one who has walked this journey along side me. He has encouraged me when I felt I couldn't take one more step. He has brought joy to my life. We have lived...we have loved...we have laughed...together hand in hand after 26 years.... continuing the journey!

 Trust me...He whispered!

We all have a story to tell...what's yours?
I love to people watch...wondering who they are and what is their story? A few weeks ago while sitting in church...again this thought came to mind...I know I should have been listening! I my maker! As I sat there watching I knew I had a story to tell..a journey of one girls life... trying follow her maker inspite of the bumps in the road. Inspite of what my earthly eyes might see. You may say...your story is nothing! Well to you it may not be...but to someone else it might give the hope they need to continue their journey.  You may say...My story will knock your socks off...well...tell it! There might be someone that needs to hear your story. Someone who's life just might change because of your journey. We live in a day where jobs are hard to find and life seems so out of control. We all need help...we all need guidance. Learning from others experiences can save you a lot of grief. Even give you the hope that one day you too will survive the storm.

Fight the good fight of faith....NEVER give up Hope!

Holding onto my Jesus,

My husband's cousin pointed out to me today...the road my in-laws lived on ...the house we have been sheltered in many times....New Hope Road !  Hope...Clinging to it daily!

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