Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Surgery at 11am!

Update...Olivia is out of surgery and the word is success! I'll post more details as soon as I hear something.

Thank you for walking this road...covering the King family in prayer!

Update from Barbara ....

First of all I just want to thank you for all the notes and posts of encouragement and prayer cover. I am amazed at how many people are covering our one little family. Thank you so much. We feel very blessed and are thankful for each one. I am trying to get back to each one but it will take me a bit to do that. And before you say, "Don't worry about that"...if those precious prayers were going up for your little one..you just have to get back to you.

Today we have the first surgery at 11:00am. They are attempting to go through the bile duct to the stricture to give Olivia's liver some relief from a very sick liver at this point. With this procedure though, it should give her body the opportunity to heal. We did find out yesterday that the absess we thought was outside the liver, well, is actually inside the liver. We also have Infectious Disease on board now because the Gram Negative bacteria is a pretty nasty one. I could go into details but really..inquiring minds do not need to know. My precious friend Susan went through the details of it for me on the internet last night (she is a Doctor) and sorted it out so I would not have to have those ugly details but assured me we have the best care possible right now and they are doing all the right things. The bottom line is that we will be here at the hospital a while working on getting Olivia better from all these set backs but the liver seems to be at a place it can recover. That is a good thing.

I could go into all the hard, ugly facts but really here is what I know because I have spiritual eyes and not just those earthly eyes to have to listen to the facts, face them and then get on my knee's and listen.

I know yesterday I received a lot of notes to encourage me and for me not to lose hope. I truly have not. To be honest, you guys keep me so balanced you have no idea. Between people sending cards and notes, friends stopping by and being encouraging and cheerful, to just letting me be tired and unsociable at times....just to recoup from the moment of not so great news...we are surrounded by love and how can you get discouraged with all that? What a wonderful thing it is to be in the family of God. I truly see how wonderful that is. Love does cast out all fear. I do have moments, then I breathe, then someone is here to hold my arms up and I walk on. Amazed that I can even put one foot in front of the other..or even the same shoe on each foot...:) But I do, we do , and we make it each and every day.

I have to tell you to go to the profile page of friends of Olivia ...scroll down and you will see an awesome, beautiful picture our friend Mike did for us. as a fundraiser. I don't have all the details on it all but you have to see the picture..it is beautiful.

I have to run...the day is getting ready to start but thanks so much for all the prayers, for everytjhing...we love you all.

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