Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Praying for Olivia...update post surgery!

Update from Barbara....

Hi everyone

It has been a long day but Olivia is finally out of surgery, in the room and actually sleeping. The stent is somethng that really, really hurts so it will be a day or two before she is comfortable with it. They also drained the abcess and sent the fluid to the lab for testing along with the cholangitis. The Doctors want to make sure that they have the right antibiotics and back up antibiotics in case they need them.

The next 24 hours are critical. Several things can happen. They could have accidently nicked the liver, this will kill the liver quickly because they go so deep inside of it...then, aspirating the abcess and putting the stent in could cause the infection to seed and spread, rapidily. I could list more but you get the picture. So, if you so feel led by the Lord to pray, and I know so many of you do...please pray.

I want you to know that this room is filled with the prayers of all of you. Yesterday and today.. more than once...we have circled Olivia, held hands and lifted our love and heart to the Lord. I love to come into our room because it has such peace. Thank you all for that.

I amazed to know stories after stories of people becoming closer in their walk with the Lord, the families becoming closer while they pray for us, families reaching out to non-christian family members and the stories go on and on and on. We only hear a small part of them. What glory God must be getting through all of this. What pleasure He must feel to have us look to Him, love on Him and get to know Him better. I am so thankful that if we have to walk through this that God's story is being told and miracles are being seen..even outside this small hospital room. And that is what the family of God is all about. What we have we share...whether it is our testimony, our food, our talents..whatever He has put in our hands to give..all of you have given.

Bless all of you. Please continue to pray for Ms. Martin, Sawyer, and also Jesse's family. Jessie went home to be with the Lord and I know their family could use some prayer.

In His Grip


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